Friday, March 20, 2009

Enforcer First Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

Enforcer Were A Four Piece Power Metal Band From Chicago,IL. Who Released One Demo Tape Before Breaking Up. This Was The Second Demo Tape In My Collection. I Have Been Listening To This Cassette For 25 Years And It Still Kick's Ass. Classic Heavy Metal At It's Best.
Enforcer - Enforcer

Enforcer-First Demo:
1-High Treason
2-Salems Curse
3-Final Conflict
4-Bury The Knife
5-Final Conflict


Link Updated 1/8/13


Brian † ENFORCER said...


bastoman said...

Your right these guys kick ass !!
However...These are still playing.
I saw them Nov. 2008 in Chicago.
The show killed and we were crushed by the waves of heavy riffs and thundering rhythms.I am sure ENFORCER is playing out in the area soon. You can also contact the band at
They have the Demo as well as new heaviness posted. Enjoy the feast!