Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Skid Row 1986 Demo with Matt Fallon(Demo-Lition Segment)

A Little Mid-Week Demo Bonus. Skid Row's First Demo From 1986 Featuring Matt Fallon On Vocals. Skid Row Were Recording At Bon Jovi's Studio(Who Gave Band Their Start), The Story Goes Matt Was Too Simialar To Bon Jovi So He Got The Boot. Matt Also Replaced Neil Turbin In anthrax For A Short Period Of Time Before Being Replaced By Joey Belladonna. Ohh The Life Of An Almost Rock Star. Anyway, I Actually Prefer The Demo Versions Of These Songs More Than The Album.

Skid Row 1986 Demo With Matt Fallon

3.18 and Life
4.Youth Gone Wild
5.Rattlesnake Shake
6.Rescue You
7.Walk with a Stranger

Skid Row

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Berglar said...

I was going through a box from the 80s and I found a different Skid Row Demo tape. This one contains 15 songs, and has a hand written label/song list. It has two versions of "Midnight", the second with Matt Fallon singing. Might have to get a cassette player.

With The Big Cheese! said...

I would like to get a copy Of That.

Alexey said...

Demo which you mentioned named Basement Tapes, demos recorded with Bach in 1988