Friday, July 10, 2009

Warhead 1984 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Warhead Are From NYC.They Played The Scene From The Early 80's to Around 1987 Before breaking Up. They Released Two Demo's This Was Their First From 1984
and they Released A Second Tape Called "On The Run" In 1986.

Warhead - Demo 1984

Warhead(USA) 1984 Demo:

1-I'm A Killer
3-Fight For Your Life
4-Path Of Destruction


Link Updated 10/15/12 


Rick said...

This was my dads band, I grew up with this shit playing in my basement. Great music they should have gone far!

Anonymous said...

The song "Whore" is on the NEW YORK METAL-84 Compilation. Great post. Thanks! Michael

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I was looking for this, especially for the song "fight for your life" for so many years! I first got it in 1984 as a compilation from a Dutch tapetrader. The tape got lost in the early 90s. And as I didn't remember the bands name, I was searching for all songs with "fight for your life" in the title or chorus. And now, after almost 20 years of failure and constantly having this masterpiece in my mind, my suffering has come to an end!! Thank you so very much!! All hail to thee from Germany! Michael

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Glad you found It. Great NY Band From Back in The Day! Mike

Mike Aka minute man Gallino. said...

This was my band from queens, new york we were not from upstate. That was another band that started after us

Mike Aka minute man Gallino. said...

Look for an. Inerview of us in snake pit magazine to be reeased shortly. By the way that picture on the demo was taken at la mores in Brooklyn, NY when we opened for the band ratt.

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Mike I knew I listed the wrong area years ago but forgot to fix it. I updated it now. Looking forward to reading the interview in snakepit,Laurent's a great guy. Would love to set up an interview and have you call in to the show. Mike