Friday, October 9, 2009

Aftermath "Killing The Future" Demo (Demo-lition Segment)

Aftermath Were A Thrash Metal Band Out Of Chicago,ILL Formed In the Mid 80's They Released Three Demo's and One Album 1994's Eyes Of Tomorrow. The Band Went In The Alternative Rock Direction Not Long After This Album. This Is their Second Demo "Killing The Future" From 1987.

Aftermath - Killing the Future

Aftermath-Killing The Future Demo 1987:

1. When Will You Die
2. Going No Place
3. Chaos
4. Meltdown
5. War for Freedom


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B said...

was also a band out of New York in early 1990's called Aftermath.They Had 1 Album :Raze your Consciousness(c) in 1991. Thrash metal out of tri-state NY area.