Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fates Warning 5/14/88 Bayshore,NY (MM Bootleg)


Fates Warning Never Got The Credit They Deserve In Opinion. Some Of The Most Talented Musicians Around,Writing The Most Progressive & Intricate Songs Of Any Metal Band Out There. Thats Why They Are The Featured Artist On This Weeks Metal Matinee "The Year In Metal : 1984" With Debut Record "Night On Brocken" I Usually Feature A Live Concert From The Same Year But Was Too Lazy This Week To Transfer One Of My Cassettes To MP3.

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Fates Warning 5/14/88 Bayshore NY

1-No Exit/Anarchy Divine
2-Silent Cries
3-Valley Of The Dolls
4-Shades Of A Heavenly Death
5-The Apparition
6-The Ivory Gate Of Dreams
7-Daylight Dreamers
8-The Ivory Gate Of Dreams Pt. 3
9-The Ivory Gate Of Dreams Pt.4
10-Call Of Death

Fates Warning

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