Thursday, February 4, 2010

H-Bomb 9/6/84 France (M.M Bootleg Artist)

Coup De Metal Matinee. H-Bomb Were Featured On Today's Show "The Wide World Of Metal:France" A Band That Held Lots Of Promise In The 80's,
Blew Up Like The Bomb They Were Named After. 
For This Weeks Show
Listen Here

H-Bomb 6/9/84 Bretigny Sur Ogre,France:

01 Crache et Crève
02 Gwendoline
03 H-Bomb0
4 La Horde
05 Le Glaive
06 Dressé à Tuer
07 Rêve de Puissance
08 Double Bang
09 Le Loup
10 Dans les Griffes d'Attila

Link Updated 1/11/13

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