Thursday, February 25, 2010

Metal Church 11/22/86 First Avenue,MN(MM Bootleg)

The Mighty Metal Church Were Featured On Todays Metal Matinee. Here Is A Great Soundboard Quality Shown From Minnesota In 1986. Featuring The Late David Wayne.
 Check Out Todays "Timeline"Metal Church" Show.

Metal Church- 11/22/86 First Avenue,MN
1-Ton of Bricks
2-Western Alliance
4-Buried At Sea
5-The Giants
6-Gods of Wrath
8-Start the Fire
9-Merciless Onslaught
10-The Dark
11-Watch the Children Pray
12-Line of Death
13-the Brave
14-Beyond the Black
15-Metal Church
16-Methods of Madness
17-Highway Star
Metal Church
Link Updated 1/11/13


strad said...

this is actually from Nov 20 1985 and its an AUD - but a pretty near perfect one - its also a rip from the master tape

With Mike The Big Cheese! said...

Thanks Strad...If it were not for you my Offerings would be bare..