Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surgical Steel- 1984 Demo (Demo-lition Segment)

Surgical Steel Were A Arizona Band Who Released Two Demo Tapes In The 80's Before Disappearing For Good. What A Shame. They Had Such A Big Classic Power Metal Sound. This Demo Features Features Jeff Martin Of Racer X on Vocals. Jeff Started Out As The Bands Drummer Before Taking Over Vocal Duties From Harley Van Kirk. Jeff Brought In His Friend Rob Halford To Help Out On The Demo(Rob Sings Backing Vocals On Smooth And Fast.) This Tape Was Made Available For Download By The Band For Free Years Ago.This Is The Remastered Version.

Surgical Steel 1984 Demo:

1-Crank It Up
2-To The Bitter End
3-Moby Dick
5-No Fooling Around
6-Smooth And Fast
7-Rivet Head

Surgical Steel

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