Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bird Of Prey 'Tales From The Crypt" Demo(Demo-lition Demo)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was Home To Bird Of Prey. The Band Played Around The Local Scene For A Couple Of Years In The Late 80's And Released Two Demo Tapes. This Being The First.
Bird Of Prey "Tales From The Crypt" Demo:
1. King of Night 03:24
2. Play to Kill 04:15
3. Harvest of Blood 04:39
4. Tales from the Crypt 04:10
5. Mindflayer 02:45
Bird Of Prey

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I was a teenager when Bird of Prey was burning up the scene in Pittsburgh. There was a lot of good metal from Pittsburgh. If you like Bird of Prey check out Necropolis, Eviction, Doom Watch and Dream Death.

George Grant from Bird of Prey also played in Necropolis.

Try to upload some of those other bands demos. Most of these bands never got a big break outside of "da 'Burg"

Eviction did an album for Metal Blade Records, Doomwatch also released an album and so did Dream Death but Bird of Prey and Necropolis never did. Necropolis was working on one but it never got released.

Anonymous said...

Killer demo. Like the other commenter, I also grew up with the Pittsburgh metal scene. I played in a band that rehearsed in the same building as Necropolis and Bird of Prey...I have fond memories of watching BOP rehearse while I sat on the floor watching. The other bands mentioned were great, too. Shows at the Electric Banana and City Limits were the best.