Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plasmatics 2/12/81 West Germany(MM Bootleg)


The First Lady Of Hardcore Was Featured On Todays Metal Matinee Show "Duets" Singing Stand By Your Man With Lemmy. Check Out Todays Show And Grab This Great Show,
 As Part Of The MM Bootleg Series.

For Todays Show

Plasmatics 2/12/81 Metropol, Berlin Germany:
1. Tigth Black Pants
02. Hit Man
03. Monkey Suit
04. Squirm
05. Won`t you,Test Tube Babies
06. Fast Food Service
07. Sex Junkie
08. Concrete Shoes
09. Dream Lover
10. Summer Night
11. Want You Baby,Plasma Jam
12. Sometimes I
13. Headbanger
14. Nothing
15. Corruption I
16. Corruption II1
17. Butcher Baby


Link Updated 10/26/12

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