Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wild Dogs 6/29/84 Seattle Washington(MM Bootleg)

The Wild Dogs Are The Featured Artist On Todays "The Heaviest Bands In The World" Metal Matinee Show. I Wanted To Play Something Off The Fatt Matt Record But Since The Original Wild Dogs Are Back For A Reunion I Went WIth Them.
For This Weeks Show

Wild Dogs 6/29/84 Seattle,WA

1) Intro
2) Stick to Your Guns
3) Woman in Chains
4) Up Against the Wall
5) Evil in Me
6) Deen Castronova solo
7) Rank n File
8) Jeff Mark solo
9) Livin’ on the Streets
10) Believe in Me
11) Tonight Show
12) Life is a Game

Wild Dogs

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