Thursday, August 26, 2010

Laaz Rockit 3/3/88 Detroit Michigan(MM Bootleg)

Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "The Year In Metal: 1987" Was Laaz Rockit. The Band Released Its Third Album "Know Your Enemy" In 1987. I Was Always A Big Fan Of Laaz Rockit(Not Anymore), So it Was Great To See Them Put It Back Together A Few Years Ago With The Release Of 2008's  "Left For Dead."

"The Year In Metal:1987" On The Metal Matinee"

Laaz Rockit 3/3/10 St Andrews Hall Detroit,MI:

1- Last Breath
2- Euroshima
4- Most Dangerous Game
5- Forced To Fight
6- Guitar Solo's
7-Say Goodbye

Sorry Concert Was Removed, Due To A DMCA Notice!
You Would Think This Band Would Take Any Attention They Could Get!

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