Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wicked Angel "Chaotic Intellect" Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

This Week San Antonio, Texas Band Wicked Angel Are Featured In The Demo-lition Segment. The Band Started Out Life As Nevermore Before Switching Their Name To Wicked Angel. They Recorded Two Other Demo Tapes Before "Chaotic Intellect But they Were Never Released.

For Tonights Show With Guest Don Chaffin of VOX:
Listen Here

Wicked Angel - Chaotic Intellect

Wicked Angel "Chaotic Intellect" Demo 1987:

1. Realms Of Chaos 03:38
2. Valley Of The Witch Kings 04:01
3. People Of The Black Circle 05:07
4. Stealer Of Souls 04:42
Wicked Angel

Link Updated 1/2/14


Joseph said...

Cool. I played guitar on that demo. Thanks for playing it!

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Thanks For The Great Music. You Guys Killed Back In the Day!! Stay Heavy Brother>

Anonymous said...

Links dead...