Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bulldozer(IT) 12/19/09 Milan Italy(MM Bootleg)

Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "The Wide World Of Metal:Italy" Are Bulldozer. Formed In Milan Around 1980 It Took A Few Years For The Band To Find All the Right Members. Th Band Put Out Their First Record In 1985 And Continued On Until The 90's. In 2009 The Band Returned With "Unexpected Fate"  But Today We Go Back To The 80's With This Show Italy

"The Wide World Of Metal: Italy" On the Metal Matinee
Listen Here

Bulldozer 12/19/09 Milan Italy

Unexpected fate
Use your brain
Nine circles of...
Ilona the very best
The Derby
We are fuckin' Italians
Micro V.I.P.
Exorcism/Cut Throath
Whiskey Time
Aces of Blasphemy
The Great Deceiver

This Show Replaced Origanl Post After Link Was Taken Down.


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