Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meliah Rage 4/15/89 Detroit Michigan(MM Bootleg)

Meliah Rage Were Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "The United States Of Metal: Massachushett" This Is the Full Recording From the Live Show That Would Later Became The "Live Kill" EP. Thanks To Recorded Incubo Who Not Only recorded It Back In The Day But Uploaded It For All To Enjoy! For More Mayflower Metal From Today's Show ...

Listen Here

Meliah rage 4/15/89 Harpos Detroit Michigan:

1. Beginning Of The End
2. Kill To Survive
3. Bates Motel
4. Impaling Doom
5. Meliah Rage
6. Out Of The Darkness
7. Deadly Existence
8. The Pack

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