Thursday, October 21, 2010

Testament 6/3/00 The Dynamo(MM Bootleg)

Today We Head 'Over The Wall' On This Edition Of The Metal Matinee! Testament Were The Featured Artist..Thanks To The LJ Crew For Posting This Show. Testament Live from 1990 In St. Paul,MN. Check Out Todays Show "Over The Wall".

For This Weeks Show
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Testament 6/3/00 The Dynamo

1.D.N.R. 3:03
2.Down For Life 3:43
3.Demonic Refusal 5:16
4.Low 3:41
5.Burnt Offerings 6:02
6.The Burning Times 4:53
7.Into The Pit 3:11
8.3 Days In Darkness 5:01
9.Eyes Of Wrath 5:36
10.Legions Of The Dead 2:45
11.Practice What You Preach 5:38
12.Over The Wall 3:40


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