Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wrathchild America 2/10/90 Detroit,MI(MM Bootleg)

I Remember Seeing These Guys At Lamours In Brooklyn,NY when They Were Just Known As Wrathchild.They Were A Completely Different Sounding Band Before The Name Change. Today They Are The Featured Artist From The 'Have A Drink On Me' Metal Matinee Show. Here Is A Bootleg Concert From Blondies In Detroit.

Wrathchild America 2/10/90 Blondies Detroit,MI:

1. Intro/Candy From A Madman/Hell’s Gates
2. No Deposit, No Return/Silent Darkness (Smothered Life)
3. Another Nameless Face
4. Climbin’ The Walls
5. Breathe (Pink Floyd cover)
6. Hernia
7. Slave To My Dick (Subhumans cover)
8. Psychotherapy (Ramones cover)
9. Gimme Some More/Tequila (cover)
10. Gentleman Death
11. Prego
12. London After Midnight
13. Day Of The Thunder

Wrathchild America

Updates 10/4/12

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