Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blind Illusion 10/11/88 Blondies Detroit.(MM Bootleg)

Today On The Metal Matinee. The Featured Artist Is  Blind Illusion. The Band Has Been Around Since The Late 70's And After A Long Layoff, They Came Back This Year With 'Demon Master'. Over The Year's Blind Illusion Has Featured Some Notable Players Such As Les Claypool,Larry Lalonde,John Marshall And David Goodfry To Name A Few.
Not To Mention The First Demo Was Produced By Kirk Hammet.

For This Weeks Show Listen Here
Listen Here

Blind Illusion 10/11/88 Detroit,MI

1. Cry Of The Banshee
2. Blood Shower
3. Slow Death
4. Destroyer
5. Kamikaze
6. Guitar Solo
7. Smash The Crystal

Blind Illusion

Link Updates 7/23/13


Anonymous said...

Please, reupload this...

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

New Link Up

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks very much but you uploaded different show! :)


Do you still have that 86 San Francisco one? Thank you anyways!

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Sorry I dont.