Thursday, December 30, 2010

Icon 7/20/84 Harpos Detroit,MI(MM Bootleg)

Icon Started Out As A Pretty Decent Heavy Metal Band Before Going Over To The Darkside
 Or Should I Say The Hair Metal Side Of The Spectrum.
 Icon were The Featured Artist On This Weeks Metal Matinee "Happy New Hair III"
For This Weeks Show

Icon 7/20/84 Detroit,MI:

1 Under My Gun
2 Killer Machine
3 Burning
4 (Rock On)Through the Night
5 Rock and Roll Maniac
6 Hang Tough
7 Hold Your Head Up
8 Hungry For Love
9 Rock My Radio
10 World War
11 Raise the Hammer
12 Dancing With Danger
13 On Your Feet
14 Out For Blood
15 Hold On Me
16 Hot Desert Nights


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