Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tracy G Of Dio/Goaded 8/1/10

Former Dio Guitarist And Current Goaded Ax Slinger Tracy G Is My Guest This Week. Tracy Has Been Churning Out Music Non Stop Since The 80's, Stop By And Listen To Some Of it And My Interview. This Sunday 8/1/10 At 6pm EST

Anthrax 9/9/83 Brooklyn NY(MM Bootleg)

Todays Metal Matinee "Metally Insane" Featured Anthrax. I Played Music Fro The Joey Belladonna Era, But This Show Features The Only Version Of Anthrax I Cared About, Singer Neil Turbin And The Fistful Of Metal Lineup. Enjoy!

Listen Here For Today's Show
"Metally Insane"

AnthrAx 9/9/83 Lamour Brooklyn,NY:

2-Soldiers of Metal
5-Guitar Solo
6-Across The River
7-Howling Furies
8-Death From Above
9-Metal Thrashing Mad

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Faster Then The Speed Of Light" 7/29/10 On The Metal Matinee

Traveling At The Speed Of Light On This Episode Of The Metal Matinee. By Today's Standards Speed Metal From The 80's May Sound Mild, But Back In The Day There Was Nothing Faster!
7/29/10 At 1:00pm EST

Listen Here:

Evil Prophecy "Proceeding Decay" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

The German Hit Parade Continues with This Lost Little Gem From Evil Prophecy. I Believe This Is The Bands Second Demo Tape from 1987.

Evil Prophecy - Demo 2 "Proceeding Decay"

Evil Prophecy-Proceeding Evil Demo:

1. This is Bochum not L.A.
2. Destroyed Earth
3. Deed of great consequences
4. Last step to the Abyss
5. Proceeding Decay
6. The right Booze
Evil Prophecy

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adam,Geeta,Meric & Stevie of Luna Strega 7/25/10

Tonight Were Leaving the 80's, For Some Great New Metal. First Up The Haunting Sounds Of NJ's Luna Strega, Who were Feature A Few Months Back In My Sunday Night Spotlight. The Whole Band Checks In To Talk About Their Future Plans.
Join Me On 7/25/10 Starting At 6:00pm EST.

Running Wild 9/14/85 Loreley German (MM Bootleg)

Running Wild Were Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "Timeline:Running Wild" So Here Is A Bootleg Concert By The Band From 1985. Enjoy!

Listen Here For Today's Show:
"Timeline: Running Wild"

Running Wild 9/14/85 Metal Hammer Festival- Loreley, Germany:

01 Diabolic Force 05:15
02 Black Demon 03:50
03 Mordor 04:54
04 Preacher 04:41
05 Victim Of States Power 03:12
06 Genghis Khan 04:11
07 Fight The Opression 04:49
08 Branded And Exiled 05:28
09 Metal Hammer Award Presentation 01:58

Running Wild

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Timeline:Running Wild" On The Metal Matinee 7/22/10

Join Me For A Pint At The Black Hand Inn , As we Cover The Recorded History Of Those Rogues En Vogue, Running Wild. After Calling It A Day A Little While Back, the Pirates From Hell Get The Timeline Treatment. 7/22/10 At 1:00pm EST
Listen Here:

Fire 1987 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)


I Wish That I Had More Info On This Band To Share With You, I Stumbled Across It On The Internet And Thought It Would Be A Great Addition To The Collection. I Could Not Find Anything About Them Anywhere,Except That they Are From California And Played Out In The Mid 80's. Some Excellent Female Fronted Metal!

For Today's Show Listen Here:
Guest Tony Harnell Of T.N.T

Fire(CA)- 1987 Demo:

1. Never run
2. No No Kikki
3. Lonely street
4. King of thieves


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sammy,Kenny,Bob & Steve Of Ruthless & Tony Harnell Of TNT/Mercury Train 7/18/10

Back For More! Sammy,Bob,Steve & Kenny Of Ruthless Return For A Little More Mayhem. With New Music,Shows And Festivals In The Works. The Guys Check In To Update Us On Their Future. Also Tony Harnell Former TNT Singer Now Fronting The Mercury Train Stops By To Talk About His Latest Album. Sunday  7/18/10 At 6:00

Pretty Maids 10/18/85 Stockholm Sweden(MM Bootleg)

Pretty Maids Were Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "The Kings Of Keys" One Of The First Metal Bands To Prominently Display And Feature Keyboards. Today I Offer this Show From 1985. Also Pick Up The Groups Latest Record 'Pandemonium' On Frontier Records.

Listen To Todays Show Here:
"King Of Key's"

Pretty Maids -10/18/85 - Johanneshovs Isstadion - Stockholm, Sweden

1. Back To Back 5:30
2. Bad Boys 4:51
3. Shelly The Maid 4:22
4. Waitin' For The Time 4:25
5. Battle Of Pride 5:28
6. Fantasy 4:28
7. Cold Killer 3:12
8. Red, Hot & Heavy 6:43
9. Little Darling 4:50

Pretty Maids

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

"The Kings Of Keys" 7/15/10 On The Metal Matinee

Time To Put the Spotlight On Those Unsung Heroes Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal...The Keyboard Player. With "The Kings Of Keys" This Week On The Metal Matinee 7/15/10 At 1:00pm EST

Crack Jaw 1983 Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Keeping Up With My Spotlight On German Metal Bands This Month. This Weeks Demo-lition Segment Features Crack Jaw. Formed In 1980 And Disbanded Before The end Of The Decade, The Group Put Out One Album in 1985 Called 'Night Out' Plus One More Demo Tape Around 1988. Here is their First.

For Tonights Show:
Listen Here

Crack Jaw - Demo 83

Crack Jaw 1983 Demo:


Crack Jaw

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Herman Rarebell of Herman Ze German/Scorpions 7/11/10

German Metal Month Continues With My Guest "Herman Ze German" Otherwise Known As Herman Rarebell Former Drummer For the Scorpions And His Solo Band HZG. With A New Record "Take It As It Comes" And A New Audio Book "My Life As A Scorpion" Herman Rarebell Is As Busy As Ever
Sunday 7/11/10 At 6:00pm EST.

Parardox / /88 Dynamo (MM Bootleg)


A Band More Active This Past Decade Then In Their 80's Heyday. Paradox Were A Very Underated Thrash Metal Act. Forming In The Later Part Of The Decade And Breaking Up In The early 90's. The Band reunited For 2000's 'Collison Course' And Have Put Out Records On A Steady Basis Since Then. Check Them Out On Todays Metal Matinee.

Paradox / /88 Dynamo:
1. Paradox
3. Pray To The Godz Of Wrath
4.Kill The Beast
4. No Place To Hide
5. The Shadow
6. Kill That Beast

This Show Replaced The Original From Germany. Thanks To Strad.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

"The Wide World Of Metal:Germany" 7/8/10 On the Metal Matinee

Heading To The Mother Land Of Metal, On This Edition Of
"The Wide world Of Metal Germany" So Grab You Passport And Join Me On 7/8/10 At 1:00pm EST
Listen Here:

Rumble Militia 'Treason' Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

In The Month Of July, I Will Focus On Germany and All the Great Metal They Have Put Out Over the Year's. So The First Demo Is By Rumble Militia. The Band Has Been Around Since 1985 And Are Still Active In The Scene, Delivering Their Brand Of Crossover Thrash.

Rumble Militia - Treason

Rumble Militia 'Treason' Demo

2-Dead End Kids
3-Full Of Danger
4-Bang Till Death
5-Nuclear Warfare

Rumble Militia

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stephan Lill Of Vanden Plas 7/4/10

Guitarist Stephan Lill Of Germany's Vanden Plas Guest On Tonights show. The Band Just Released Their Latest Record "The Seraphic Clockwork" On Frontier Records & Werner Sommer Of Newly Reunited NY Hard Rock Band Dusty Rose, Calls In To Talk About Their New Album "Just Because" Join Me Before The Fireworks On This 4th Of July Edition Of
The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show.

Axe Witch 6/12/83 Gotheborg(MM Bootleg)

Axe Witch Are Featured On this weeks Metal Matinee "Metaly Insane". Hailing From Sweden And Still Active After All These Years, Axe Witch Play Tradional Heavy Metal. Following Up Their Debut EP With 3 Records,The Last Being Released In 1985 New Material Has Been A Long Time In the Coming. So Sit Back And Enjoy This Live Bootleg Supplied By Strad.

For This Weeks Show

Axe Witch 6/12/83 Gotheborg:
1-(intro)the arrival of the flies part 1 & the lord of the flies
2-axe victim
3-death angel
4-just another lunatic
6-seven angels
7-high power

Axe Witch

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