Thursday, September 30, 2010

Micheal Kiske Of Helloween & Greg Hampton of The New Czars 10/3/10

The keeper of the seven keys, Micheal Kiske Is my guest tonight. Micheal is now fronting Kiske/Somerville.Also checking in is Greg Hamptom of The New Czars.
Sunday 10/3/10 At 6:00pm EST

U.D.O 5/6/04 Tokyo Japan(MM Bootleg)

U.D.O Was Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "Lightning Strikes" So Here Is A Live Show From 2004 Recorded In Tokyo Japan At The Shibuya Club Quattro Tokyo. The Band Sounded In Top Form At This Show. Its Hard To Believe UDO Has Been Solo For Almost 25 Years. I Feel Old!

For Todays Metal Matinee "Struck By Lightning"
Listen Here

UDO 5/6/04 Tokyo Japan

Part I
 01. Intro
02. Thunderball
03. The Bullet and the Bomb
04. Metal Heart
05. Independence Day
06. Pull the Trigger
07. Living For Tonight
08. Drum Solo
09. Restless and Wild
10. Son of a Bitch
11. Blind Eyes
12. Neon Nights

Part II 
01. Man and Machine
02. Guitar Solo
03. Up to the Limit
04. Animal House
05. Balls to the Wall
06. Holy
07. I’m a Rebel
08. Princess of the Dawn
09. Fast as a Shark


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The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show Rock-tober Giveaways

The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show Is Thrilled To Offer All These Great Giveaways For The Month Of October!
Call In Live To One Of The Shows Or E-mail Me At For All The Listeners Who Check Out The Podcast For A Chance To Win!

True Metal America Is Offering Two Tickets For The Iron And Steel festival II 10/23/10 At The Silo,Reading PA.
E-mail or Call In To The Live Show On 10/10/10 At 6:00pm EST For Your Chance To Win!

Heavy Metal Mayhem

Photobucket  And DesDemon Have Two Tickets Available To Their 11/6/10 Show At the Gramercy Theatre In NYC With Firewind Featuring Gus G From Ozzy Osbourne.E-mail or Call In To The Live Show On 10/24/10 At 6:00pm EST


Apathy Are Giving Away A Copy Of Their Latest CD And A T-Shirt When They Guest On The Show 10/24/10


Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Struck By Lightning" 9/30/10 On The Metal Matinee

Closing Out September With A Boom!
Feel The Power Of The Sky This Week, On The Metal Matinee And Get "Struck By Lightning"
 Thursday 9/30/10 At 1:00pm EST

Violent Force "Dead City:The Night" Demo

Germany's Violent Force Started Out in 1984. The Band Released Several Demo Tapes Including Today's Offering  "Dead City:The Night" From 1986. One Year Before Their First And Last Album' Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow' Came Out.  The Band Broke Up In 1989 And Rreunited In 2009. A Great Band That Was Very Underated back In the Day.

Listen Here

Violent Force - Dead City: The Night

Violent Force "Dead City:The Night" Demo:

1. The Night 04:55
2. M.A.O.T. 02:54
3. Soulbursting 03:59
4. What About the Time After? (Instrumental)

Violent Force

Link Updated On 10/15/12

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Craig Gruber Of Rainbow/Eden & Joe Hasselvander of Raven & TC Tolliver Of The Plasmatics 9/26/10

Bassist Craig Gruber Of Elf,Rainbow,Bible Black,The Rods And Now Eden, Talks About His Years In Rock,RJD, His New Book And Custom Bass CompanyFrom Our  Recently Conducted Interview. The Godfather Of Doom ,Return For More Mayhem. Joe Hasselvander Checks In Live To Update Us OnThe Hounds Of Hasselvander And Ravens Current US Tour and If Thats Not Enough TC Tolliver From The Plasmatics Joins The Party. TC and Joe Are Currently Working Together Tune In To Find Out What They Are Up Too. Listen In This Sunday 9/26/10 At 6:00pm EST

Bulldozer(IT) 12/19/09 Milan Italy(MM Bootleg)

Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "The Wide World Of Metal:Italy" Are Bulldozer. Formed In Milan Around 1980 It Took A Few Years For The Band To Find All the Right Members. Th Band Put Out Their First Record In 1985 And Continued On Until The 90's. In 2009 The Band Returned With "Unexpected Fate"  But Today We Go Back To The 80's With This Show Italy

"The Wide World Of Metal: Italy" On the Metal Matinee
Listen Here

Bulldozer 12/19/09 Milan Italy

Unexpected fate
Use your brain
Nine circles of...
Ilona the very best
The Derby
We are fuckin' Italians
Micro V.I.P.
Exorcism/Cut Throath
Whiskey Time
Aces of Blasphemy
The Great Deceiver

This Show Replaced Origanl Post After Link Was Taken Down.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

"The Wide World Of Metal:Italy" 9/23/10 On The Metal Matinee

Grab Your Passport And Pack Your Bags..Were Heading To Italy On This Edition Of
 The Wide World Of Metal. Listen To the Music Nero Fiddled Away To While Rome Burned.
9/23/10 At 1:00pm EST

Machine Head First Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

Up For Grabs Tonight Is Machine Heads First Demo From 1993. Machine Head Features Robb Flynn And Phil Demmel From Vio-lence And Forbidden To Name A few.

For Tonights Show With Guest Frankie Banali And Gene Hoglan
Listen Here

Machine Head - 1993 demo

Machine Head First Demo

1. Death Church 06:18
2. Old 04:23
3. The Rage to Overcome 05:04
4. A Nation on Fire 04:46
5. Real Lies / Fuck it All 06:54

Machine Head

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gene Hoglan Of Fear Factory & Frankie Banali Of Quiet Riot Two Year Anniversary Show

The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show's Two Year Anniversary !
Tonight I Celebrate The Shows Two Year Anniversary With My Special Guest Frankie Banali Of Quiet Riot/WASP & Gene Hoglan Of Fear Factory/Dark Angel. Join In On The Mayhem For This Special Show 9/19/10 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Carnivore 8/31/84 Lamours Brooklyn NY(MM Bootleg)

Greetings Children Of Technology....The Late Pete Steele And His Thermo Nuclear Warriors Carnivore Were Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "Made In Brooklyn" Here Is A Show From the Rock Capitol Of Brooklyn... If Not The World Lamours From 1984.

"Made In Brooklyn" On The Metal Matinee:

Carnivore 3/1/86 Lamours Brooklyn NY"

1) Carnivore
2) Crt Wolf
3) God is Dead
4) Male Supremecy
5) World War III & IV

Link Updated 10/15/12

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Made In Brooklyn" 9/16/10 On The Metal Matinee

Heading Back Home Today, To The Greatest City In The World Brooklyn,NY. At Least It Was To Me, Growing Up There In The 70's And 80's. So On This weeks Metal Matinee I'm Playing Bands That Were "Made In Brooklyn 9/16/10 At 1:00pm EST

Fifth Angel 1985 Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

 Classic Power Metal Out Of Seattle. In the Days Before Grunge, Washington State Gave Us Some Of The Best Heavy Metal Bands Around. Fifth Angel In My Mind Were One Of Them.  Active From 1984 to 1989 They  Gave Us Two Great Albums In That Time Period. The Band Have Been Active Again Since 2009 So Hopefully MoreWill Be On The way. For Now Here Is Fifth Angels First Demo Tape.

Tonights Show With Guest Greg May Of Tyrant

Fifth Angel - 1985 Demo

Fifth Angel 1985 Demo:

1. Fifth Angel
2. Under Pressure
3. Wings of Destiny
4. Fade to Flames

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greg May Of Tyrant & Harry Hess Of First Signal 9/12/10

Warriors Of Metal Unite! My First  Guest Tonight Is Greg May Of Tyrant. The Band Recently Re-Released Their "King Of Kings" Album And Are Getting Ready To Headline The Defenders Of the Old Fest. This October. Also Tonight  Harry Hess Former Vocalist For Harem Scarem And Now First Signal. Talks About His Years In The World Of Hard Rock.
Join Me On 9/12/10 Starting At 6:00pm EST.

Agent Steel 8/17/85 Montreal Canada)MM Bootleg)

What's Old Is New Again. The Mighty John Cyriis Is Back With Agent Steel After More Than 20 Years And That Makes Them The Featured Artist From Today's Metal Matinee "The Seven Seals" Thanks To Strad For The Concert. To Check Out Today's Show:

Listen Here

Agent Steel 8/17/85 Palladium Montreal Canada:

1. Back to Reign
2. Agents of Steel
3. Guilty as Charged
4. Taken By Force
5. Children of the Sun
6. The Ripper
7. Evil Eye, Evil Minds
8. Bleed for the Godz

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"The Seven Seals" 9/9/10 On The Metal Matinee

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocolypse Ride Today! Join Me As I Open The Seven Seals On This Episode Of The Metal Matinee 9/9/10 At 1:00pm EST

United "Destroy Metal" Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

United Started Out In The Early 80's As A Judas Priest Cover Band. By The Time They Recorded Their First Demo, They Adopted A Power/Thrash Sound. Still Active Today United Released Their Last Studio Record "Nine" In 2005. But Today We Go Back To the Start.

For Tonights Show With Guest Ron Keel
Listen Here

United - Destroy Metal

United "Destroy Metal Demo :

1. U.N.I.T.E.D.
2. Skill
3. Sniper


Link Updates 10/16/12

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ron Keel Of Keel 9/5/10

The Streets Of Rock & Roll Come Alive Tonight with My Guest Ron Keel Of Keel and Steeler! This Interview Was Rescheduled From June So Dont Forget To Tune In As We Kick Off The Shows Two Year Anniversary Month Starting Tonight! 9/5/10
Interview Was Rescheduled from June.

Meliah Rage 4/15/89 Detroit Michigan(MM Bootleg)

Meliah Rage Were Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "The United States Of Metal: Massachushett" This Is the Full Recording From the Live Show That Would Later Became The "Live Kill" EP. Thanks To Recorded Incubo Who Not Only recorded It Back In The Day But Uploaded It For All To Enjoy! For More Mayflower Metal From Today's Show ...

Listen Here

Meliah rage 4/15/89 Harpos Detroit Michigan:

1. Beginning Of The End
2. Kill To Survive
3. Bates Motel
4. Impaling Doom
5. Meliah Rage
6. Out Of The Darkness
7. Deadly Existence
8. The Pack