Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meanstreak "The Other side Demo"(Demo-Lition Segment)

I Played Meanstreak A few Month's Ago On My "Lady Killers' Matinee And Recieved Quite A Few
E-Mails About The Band. Meanstreak In My Opinion, Were One Of The Best All Female Metal Bands Around In Their Time. Outside Of The Debut Album In 88' And Two Follow Up Demo Tapes. The Group Was A Blip On The Metal Radar. Here Is The First Demo Meanstreak Released After Their First Album.
Check them Out On Tonights Show

Meanstreak - The Other Side

Meanstreak "The Other side" Demo:

1.Walking Time Bomb
2.The Other Side
3.Giant Speaks


Link Updated 1/6/13

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