Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Savatage 7/12/90 Mirage Mpls, MN(MM Bootleg)

Savatage Were Featured On Todays Metal Matinee "The River Styx" And Here Is A Great Concert By The Band from Their Glory Days 1990. Even Through the Band Had It's Greatest Success A Few Years Later With The Streets Record. I'll Take The early Stuff Anytime.

For This Weeks Show

Savatage 7/12/90 Mirage Mpls MN:

1. City Beneath The Surface
2. Witch Witch
3. Of Rage And War
4. Shes In Love
5. Mentally Yours
6. 24Hrs Ago
7. Strange Wings
9. The Hounds
10. When The Crowds Are Gone
11.Dungeons Are Calling
14.Power Of The Night
15. Hall Of The Mountain King
16.Gutter Ballet
17.The Whip
19.She's Unusual


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