Thursday, February 17, 2011

Savage Grace 9/14/85 Lorelei,Holland(MM Bootleg)

 Savage Grace Were The Featured Artist On This Weeks Metal Matinee "The Pleasure In Pain" I Found This One On The Net. Here Are The Notes That Came With It.
Their singer Michael Smith (who sang on the Master of Disguise (1985) LP) quit just prior to this gig and European tour, so band founder/guitarist Christian Logue took over vocal duties, and so, it is not the "classic" Savage Grace vocal sound, still the guitarwork/musicianship is outstanding).

For This Weeks Show
Listen Here

Savage Grace 9/14/85 Hard And Heavy Festival:

1. Intro And Stage Announcem (3:10)
2. Destination Unknown (5:35)
3. Sins Of The Damned (4:19)
4. World As One (aka 'Flesh And Blood') (5:38)
5. Sons Of Iniquity-Into The Fire (6:40)
6. Fight For Your Life (3:58)
7. Master Of Disguise (4:30)
8. Lions Roar-Bound To Be Free (6:47)

Savage Grace

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