Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anthrax 'Howling Furies' Demo 1982(Demo-Lition Segment)

I Was Watching The Big Four Concert Tonight On VH1 Classic And Started To Think Just How Great Anthrax Were Back In The Early Day's. Not To take Anything Away From Joey Belladonna Who i Think Is A Great Singer,Just Not For Anthrax. Neil Turbin To Me Is The One True Voice Of Anthrax. So Here Is The Band's First Demo From 1982 Which Also Featured Greg D'Angelo Of White Lion & Cities On Drums Plus Greg Walls Of Hittman On Guitar,Dan Lilker Of Nuclear Assault On Bass And The Only Original Member Left In The Band Scott Ian. Check Out Tonight's Show Here.

Anthrax 'Howling Furies' Demo 1982:

1-Howling Furies
4-Satans wheels

Some People List A Fifth Song with This Demo tape,But The Original Is Only Four.

Link Updated 1/23/13


Anonymous said...

Your tracklist is mixed.
01. Across The river
02. Satans Wheels
03. Hate
04. Pestilence

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

The first song is howling furies across the river was an intro back then played before it. after the 45 second(Across the river) goes into Howling furies.