Thursday, March 3, 2011

Badlands 10/7/89 Mountain View California(MM Bootleg)

After A Rough Stint With Ozzy, Jake E Lee Started Badlands. Hard Rock With A Touch Of Blues. The Band Existed From The Late 80's Till The Early 90's. Jake E Lee Has Been Flying Under The Radar For Far Too Long, Hopefully We Will See Something From Him Soon. But For Now Here Is A Cool Bootleg From 1989. Check Out Todays Show Below.

For This Weeks Show
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Badlands 10/7/89 Mountain View California:

1. Hard Driver

2. Ball & Chain
3. Devil's Stomp
4. Streets Cry Freedom
5. Dreams In The Dark
6. Winter's Call
7. Guitar Solo
8. High Wire


Link Updated 1/23/13


Rob said...

one of THE best singers of that era. To bad we lost him to soon due to AIDS... almost reminded me of a modern day Paul Rodgers...

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

I have to agree..