Thursday, March 31, 2011

S.A Slayer 11/30/84 San Antonio Texas (MM Bootleg)

S.A. Slayer Were Featured On Today's Metal Matinee "The United States Of Metal:Texas" Great Band With A Short Lifespan.The Group Was Known Just As Slayer In The Begining Adding The SA(or The Record Company Added It)So As Not To Be Confused With Their LA Counterparts. Here Is A Concert They Did In San Antonio.. With The Other Slayer Also On The Bill. Check Them Out On Todays Show.
As A Bonus Slayer's Set Is Also Included In This Link. The Band was Out Touring For The Haunting The Chapel E.p At The Time.

S.A.SLAYER 11/30/84 Villa Fontana,Texas:

Ride Of The Horseman
If You Want Evil
To Ride The Demon Out
Guitar Solo/Ancient Swords
Final Holocaust
Unholy Book
Drum Solo/The witch Must Burn
Power To Burn
Go For The Throat

Link Updated 1/25/13

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