Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supertouch 1/23/11 The Purple Turtle London(MM Bootleg)

Here's A Little Supertouch For Ya! One Of NYC's Finest. Supertouch Drummer Andy Guida Played Guitar With Me In Stillborn Back In The Mid 80's. It's Great To See Him Still Going At It. Here Is A Recent Show From London.,England. Check Out Today's Show!

Supertouch 1/23/11 London:

01. Engine
02. What If?
03. Just These Days
04. Anything It Takes
05. Climbing Aboard
06. How do you feel?
07. Detectives
08. Get On Get On
09. Shame
10. With Time (Agnostic Front cover with Chaka from Burn on Vocals)
11. Searchin' For The Light (Chaka from Burn on vocals)
12. Intro
13. Better

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