Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ludichrist 1985 Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

New York Hardcore Up For Grabs Tonight! Ludichrist Bounced Around The NY Scene For About Five Years In The Mid Eighties, Putting Out A Few Demo Tapes And Two Album's. After Breaking Up Around 1989 A Few Of Their Members Went On To Form Scatterbrain.

For Tonights Show With My Guest's
Nasty Ronnie Of Nasty Savage & Alex Zubair Of Nephelium:

Ludichrist 1985 Demo:

1] Young White And Well Behaved
2] Most People Are Dicks
3] Only As Directed
4] God Is Everywhere
5] Murder Bloody Murder
6] Government Kids
7] Tylenol
8] Fssbs
9] Mengele
10] Immaculate Deception
11] Corpse
12] Big Business
13] Arms Of Christ/Down With The Ship

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E D D I E said...

thanks,great bootleg! nice to hear a early version of down with a ship.