Thursday, January 5, 2012

Virgin Steele 6/7/02 Sweden Rock Festival(MM Bottleg)

The Guardians Of The Flame Are Featured On Today's Metal Matinee "Tres Cowbell"
Enjoy This Bootleg From A Decade Ago.

Listen Here
Virgin Steele 6/7/02 Sweden Rock Festival:

01. Invictus
02. The Fire God
03. A Token Of My Hatred
04. God Of Our Sorrows
05. Defiance
06. The Conjuration Of The Watcher
07. Guitar Solo
08. Great Sword Of Flame
09. Life Among The Ruins
10. The Redeemer
11. The Wine Of Violence
12. In Triumph Or Tragedy
13. Return Of The King
14. I Will Come For You
15. Noble Savage

Virgin Steele

Link Updated 2/13/15

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please reupload!