Thursday, February 23, 2012

Helix 4/9/08 Saskatoon,Saskatchewan(M.M Bootleg Series)

Helix Were Featured On Today's Metal Matinee "Movie Metal II"
 with Their Version Of 'Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' From The Movie First Born.
 Here Is A Soundboard Show From A Few Years Ago.

Helix 4/9/08 The Roxy:

1. Wild In The Streets
2. The Kids Are All Shakin'
3. Heavy Metal Love
4. Fill Your Head With Rock
5. ??
6. Heavy Metal Cowboy
7. ??
8. Wild In The 21st Century
9. No Rest For The Wicked
10. Make Me Do (Anything You Want)
11. Deep Cuts The Knife
12. Dirty Dog
13. Baby Likes To Ride
14. Gimme Good Lovin'
15. Guitar Solo
16. When The Hammer Falls
17. Animal House
18. Rock You
19. Dream On (Encore)
20. The Power Of Rock And Roll

Update 9/14/12

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