Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carnivore 2/17/85 Lamours Brooklyn NY(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Here Is A Show I Recorded Back In 1985 Of Carnivore
 Playing Lamours In Brooklyn,New York.
It Was Another Killer Show By The Band,
If I Recall Obsession Was Playing With Them.

Carnivore 2/17/85 Lamours:
2-God Is Dead
5-Deliver Us To Evil
6-World War III And IV



Strad said...

awesome Mike !!! My tape is warbly and kinda muffled, this is an awesome post , crisp and clear- I love master copies !

Strad said...

oh... and is the date 2/17 or 12/7 ... my tape and your folder says 2/17 ? not that it really matters in the big pic.......

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Strad, Thanks Just Noticed I made a mistake it is 2/17.