Thursday, May 24, 2012

Medieval 12/21/84 Lamour Brooklyn(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

I Taped This Show At Lamour In Brooklyn Back In 1984.
 I Remember The Crowd Ripping The Shit Out Of Medieval.
I Give The Band Credit For Playing As Long As They Did.
This Is Not My Copy Of The Tape.I Grabbed This One From Strad.
The Sound Is Much Better On His Tape Then Mine.

Listen Here For:
"Turn It Up"

Medieval 12/21/84 Lamour:

1) Hell is Full
2) Black Assassin
3) Blood and Anger
4) All I Got
5) The Loser (Vardis cover)
6) Plague
7) Dreamer
8) Burnt Fuck
9) World War IV
10) Lords of Darkness
11) Rules of Fools
12) All Knobs to the Right
13) Medieval


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