Thursday, May 10, 2012

Motley Crue 11/19 /82 Perkins Palace(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Motley Crue Were Featured On Today's Metal Matinee
Here Is A Classic Old School Crue  Show From 1982.
 It Features A Few Songs Never Released On Album
(At Least Not Until The Re-Masters Came Out)

Listen Here For
"It's A Glam Slam"

Motley Crue 11/19/82 Perkins Palace,CA

1-Take Me To The Top
2-Looks That Kill
3-Public Enemy No 1
4-Red Hot
5-Starry Eyes
6-Piece Of Your Action
7-Shout At The Devil
8-Merry Go Round
9-Running Wild In The Streets
10-Hotter Then Hell
11-Live Wire

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