Thursday, June 7, 2012

Myth 10/30/82 Lake Hills Seattle(M.M. Bootleg Artist

Myth Were The Featured Artist On Today's
 Metal Matinee. "Flames Of Fire"
This Comes From My Collection And I'm Positive I Have
Never Seen Another Myth Live Bootleg Anywhere.
I'm Not Sure Who Is Singing,It Sounds Like Geoff Tate,
But The Year Of The Show Is 1982 And That Is The Same
Year The Queensryche EP Came Out. So It Is Probably
Brent Young On Vocals. I figured Out Most Of Tracks,
If Anyone Knows The Titles To The Rest Of Them
Please Send Me A Messsage.

Listen Here To

Myth 10/30/82 Lake Hills Seattle:

4-Walk In The Shadows
5-Into Battle?(Not Sure)
6-Take Hold Of The Flame
7-Iron Curtain
8-No Sanctuary

Link Updated 9/1/13


Anonymous said...

This is most definitely Geoff Tate on lead vocals. They even have the songs he would later re-write in Queensryche, but you already knew that.

The opening track of this song is amazing and possibly their best ever. Too bad there isn't any info about the title.

About "Into the Battle", there's another show that popped up on Youtube in October 2012 with the final "part" of this epic labelled as "Warlord." This is an earlier show and could have evolved the song further later on.

There's also another rarer song I've never seen anywhere that closes the Youtube posted show called "Lightning Chaser" which ends with a drum solo-bass solo duel.

Mateus said...

Links are dead, please re-upload this gem!!!