Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sodom(Sieges Even) 1983 Demo(M.M. Featured Artist)


Once Upon A Time In The Heavy Metal Kingdom Of Germany
 Two Sodoms Co-Existed For Many Years. The Thrash Metal Sodom
We All Know And Love.
Plus The Power Metal Sodom No One Ever Heard Of.
Both Band's Formed Around The Same Time And Played The Same Circut.
Tonights Version of Sodom Produced One Demo Tape And In 1986
Finally Changed Their Name To Sieges Even.

Here Is Their One And Only Output As Sodom,I Also Have A
Live Bootleg I Will Get Up On Here Soon.

For Tonights Show
Listen Here

Sodom 1983 Demo:

1-The Angel Will Die
2-Crazy Horde

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