Thursday, July 5, 2012

Exxplorer 1/11/85 Lamour,Brooklyn(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

The Mighty Exxplorer Are Featured On Today's Metal Matinee "Deep Undercover"
 With Their Version Of Three Dog Night's  'One'.
Here Is A Live Bootleg I Recorded Of The Band Back In 1985
This Was Their First Time Playing Lamours In Brooklyn.
It Was Also My First Time Seeing Them Live And I Have
Been A Fan Ever Since. The Band Came Back With A Vengeance
In 2011 And It Was Riding An Angry Horse. Pick Up Their
Latest Album On Pure Steel Records A Most For Any Metalhead!

This Live Show Actually Has The Song 'One' Performed In It,
 As Well As The Masterful 'The Forgotten Warrior', A Song
 I Hope That The Band Resurrects In The Future.

Exxplorer 1/11/85 Lamour Brooklyn

2-Im Going To Hell
3-Metal Detectors
4-The Forgotten Warrior
5-The Flying Dutchman
6-Two Minutes To Midnight(Maiden)
7-One(Three Dog Night)


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