Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweet Savage 11/25/81 Hammersmith Odeon(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Sweet Savage Are This Weeks Featured Artist.
This Is A Bootleg I Grabbed From My Collection.
The Show Features Vivian Cambell On Guitar.
It's An Audience Recording From Back in 1981.

Listen To:
"Song vs Song"

Sweet Savage 11/25/81 Hammersmith Odeon

1-Killing Time
2-Finders Keepers
3-Sweet Surrender
4-Prospectors Of Greed
5-The Raid
6-Lady Marion
7-Queens Vengeance
8-Take No Prisoners
9-Ground Zero
10-Eye Of The Storm
11-Lady Of The Night


Strad said...

hers the track listing..
Hammersmith London 11/25/81 (SB) 42:22
1) Killing Time
2) Finders Keepers
3) Sweet Surrender
4) Prospector of Greed
5) The Raid
6) Lady Marion
7) Queens Vengeance
8) Take No Prisoners
9) Ground Zero
10) Eye of the Storm
11) Lady of the Night

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Thanks Strad!