Thursday, July 12, 2012

Venom 6/4/82 Poperinge Belgium(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Venom Were The Featured Artist On This Weeks Matinee
Here Is A Show From Poperinge Belgium 1982.

Listen Here For:
"Candy Flipping On A String"

Venom 2/22/82 Poperinge Belgium

1-Intro/Witching Hour
2-Sons Of Satan
4-Leave Me Hell
6-1000 Days In Sodom
7-Angel Dust



Strad said...

I think this is the Poperinge Belgium show from June.. its the same show as what I got from Jay (sonic bludgeon), his is better sound , but cuts after guitar solo. The 2nd song is Sons of Satan

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Thanks Strad I'll update the Info. This tape was so old it actually fell apart after the transfer.

Anonymous said...

Hello Big Cheese, correct date should be 04 june 82. This was Venom's first gig outside the UK.
Was there at the show, support acts were ACID and PICTURE. I can't remember the tracks because it's 30 years ago and total mayhem.
Altough I'm a big Venom fan I have to agree their livesound was sometimes .... beyond everything. But their power and aura was unmatched. They simply blew everything away in those old days.
One of the best gigs I've ever seen. Ah...the sweet memories of the past.
Keep up the good work and posts.
Praise to you and your comrades.
Greetz. Pagan Wardog from Belgium.

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

Thanks Pagan Wardog for the correct Date. Venom Always Put On A Killer Show. Hails!