Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dr Know 9/15/84 Portland Oregon (M.M. Bootleg)

Dr Know Were Featured On This Weeks
Metal Matinee 'Cali Core' Here Is A Show
From California Circa 1983.

Listen Here To
Dr Know 9/15/84 Portland Oregon

Citizens Of The World
Mr Freeze
Watch It Burn
Stop The Machine
Final Warning
Black ?

Dr Know


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Anonymous said...

I think the setlist is as follows:
1 Citizens of the World
2-3 ?-In That House
4 Mr. Freeze
5 Fear the Intruder
6 Life Returns
7 Stop the Madness
8 Citizen of the World ("We're going to do our first song over...")
9 Crucified
10 Final Warning
11 God Told Me To
12 Black Mirror
13 Circle of Fear
14 Damaged (Black Flag)

First Time at your blog, looks great. Thanks for sharing.