Thursday, June 6, 2013

Razor 3-8-85 Larrys Hideaway,Can.(M.M. Bootleg)

Razor Were Featured On This Weeks
Metal Matinee 'Catatonia'
Here Is A Live Bootleg From 1985
Listen Here To
Razor 3/8/85 Larrys Hideaway,Can.
March Of Death
Hot Metal
City Of Damnation
Fast And Loud
Gate Crasher
Death Race-Drum Solo
Escape The Fire
Distant Thunder
Heavy Metal Attack
The End/Take This Torch


nonseinormale65 said...

What a pity...Rapidgator is currently inaccessible from Italy because the judiciary has put in place a preventive seizure on access,an appeal was presented,hope it goes well!

Heavy Metal Mayhem said...

E-mail me and i will send a different link.

Marco said...

Problem solved...i used a program to hide my IP ;-)