Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vandenberg 8/8/85 Holland(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

The Final Metal Matinee Bootleg!
Started The Demo-lition Segment And
The Metal Matinee Bootleg Artist Download's
Five Years Ago As A Weekly Segment On
The Radio Show. Now After Over 500 Demo
Tapes And Live Bootleg's, It's Time To Wrap It
All Up. Not The Show..Just The Segment.
Want To Thank Strad, Lockjaw, HMR for Helping
With All These Classic Demo Tape's And Live Show's.

Listen To This Weeks Show Here:
'Happy New Hair VI'

Vandenberg 8/8/85 Holland

Dressed To Kill
Back On My Feet
Your Love Is In Vain
Friday Night
Pedal To The Metal
Drum Solo
Out In The Streets
Burning Heart
Guitar Solo
Rock On

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this live bootleg ! Too bad Vandenberg was not more well known.