Thursday, February 24, 2022

Rob Dukes Of Generation Kill 2/27/22

This Week My Guest Is
Rob Dukes From Generation Kill
 2/27/22 Starting At 6:00pm Est

Listen Live Or To Replays At Link Below:

Playlist 2/27/22 Guest Rob Dukes Of Generation KIll
Attack-Slayers Blade
Thynn Ice-Running Mean
Surgical Steel-Crank It Up
Phanton Lord-Mercy Killer
Hirax-The Last War
Carnivore WWIII & IV
Nasty Savage-Fear Beyond The Vision
Anger-Louder Than Loud
Grave Digger-Legion Of The Lost
Vendetta-Never Die
Generation Kill-Evil Eye
Generation Kill-Section 8
Anger As Art-We Hurry Into Death
Original Sin-Pandoras Box
Axe Attack-Leather,Lace 'n Studs
Molten Leather-Inversion
Scorpions-Call Of The Wild
Manowar-Battle Hymn


Thursday, February 17, 2022

Mario Lochert Of Serious Black 2/20/22

This Week My Guest Is
Mario Lochert Of Serious Black
2/20/22 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Listen Live Or To Replays At Link Below:

Playlist 2/20/22 Guest Mario Lochert Of Serious Black
Tyrant-Warriors Of Metal
Enforcer-High Treason
Metal Church-Battalions
Alias Mangler-We Come To Rock
Troyen-Storm Child
Motorhead-Killed By Death
Snow White-New Messiah
White Lion-Fight To Survive
Omen-Die By The Blade
Valkyrie-Screams Of The Aggressor
Serious Black-Heartbroken Soul
Serious Black-Out Of The Ashes
Tony Martin-Book Of Shadows
Jag Panzer-Symphony Of Terror
Nuclear Assault-The Plague
Silver Mountain-Vikings
Sacred Oath-Message To The Children

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Biff Byford Of Saxon 2/13/22

This Week' My Guest Is
Biff Byford Of Saxon
Sunday 2/13/22 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Listen Live Or To Replays At Link Below:

Playlist 2/13/22 Guest Biff Byford Of Saxon
Liege Lord-Rage Of Angels
Ross The Boss-Faith Of The Fallen
Thrust-Heavier Than Hell
Witchkiller-Beg For Mercy
Torch-Beyond The Threshold Of Pain
Satan-Burning Portrait
Saxon-Princess Of The Night
Saxon-Remember The Fallen
Axatak-Let The Beast Run Wild
Agent Steel-144,000 Gone
Kaos-Gates Of Hell
Black Sabbath-Keep It Warm
Living Color-Broken Heart
Virgin Steele-A Cry In The Night
Avigal-Thank You
Night Ranger-Sing Me Away


Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Show Is Back! 2/6/22

The Show Is Back Starting This Sunday
2/6/22 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Ace Frehley-Back In The new York Groove
Sneak Attack-Sneak Attack
Hades-Abode Of The Dead
TT Quick-Child Of Sin
Blessed Death-Knights Of Old Bride
Exciter-War Is Hell
Voi Vod-Paranormalium
Raven-Break The Chain
Overkill-Feel The Fire
Griffin-Flight Of The Griffin
Iron Angel-Rush Of Power
Armed Forces-Let There Be Metal
Cities-Cruel Sea
Abbatoir-Vicous Attack
The Lone Rager-Metal Rap