Alan Tecchio Of Watchtower
Madame Mayhem
Jacques Belanger Of Assassin's Blade
Jerry Franklin,Shawn Kaiser & Kevin Dixon Of Metal Life Crisis
Jack Russell Of Jack Russells Great White
John Pieroni & Greg Messick Of Intruder
Bobby Ellsworth Of Overkill
Matt Ulricksen Of United
Ross Dolan Of Immolation
Nick Giannakos Of Wretch
Steve Zimmerman Of Enemy Remains
Mikhall Myers Of Destroyer
Stu Marshall Of Death Dealer
David Reece Of Sainted Sinners
George Lynch Of KXM
Marta Gabriel Of Crystal Viper
Ron Bumblefoot Thal From Art Of Anarchy
Adam Tranquilli & Cj Scioscia Of Blood Feast
Margarita Monet From Edge Of Paradise
Norman Lawson Of Chained Lace
Chuck Billy Of Testament
John Kevill Of Warbringer
Chris Bailey Of Infernal Majesty
Bill Fisher Of Mega Colossus
Jarvis Leatherby Of Night Demon
Stuart Laurence Of Ignitor
Punky Meadows Of Angel
Scott Board & Eric Burgess Of Cerebus
Tim Brown Of Striker
Bob Mitchell Of Savior From Anger
Vincent Manfredi Of Attila
Brian Tatler Of Diamond Head
Lee Payne Of Cloven Hoof
Peter Graigs
Joe Lawson Of Screamking
Rex Brown Of Pantera
Evo Of Warfare
Liv Jagrell Of Liv Sin
Joe Leonard Of Frigid Bich
Scott Peterson Of Cryptic Slaughter
Melissa Jane Of Synn
Tom Collier Of Held Hostage
MaryAnn Scandiffio Of Blacklace
Jared Deaver From Dawn Of Morgana
Tommy Victor Of Prong
Norman Skinner Of Niviane
Al Ravage Of Ravage
Mike Annis Of Matrekis
Paul Van Valkenburgh Of Tubefreeks
Doug Calloway Of Legion
Joe Stump From Tower Of Babel
Tom Innamorato Of Warhead/American Mafia
Vince High Of Mythra
Ross The Boss
Barry 'Thunderstick' Purkis Of Samson
Blaze Bayley
Al Berlanga Of Syrus
Roland Grapow Of Masterplan
Frankie Banali Of Quiet Riot
Joe Cangelosi Of Uncivil War
Mikey Cunningham & The Aftermath
Kristian Havard Of Xentrix
Robert Stevens & Alan Foley Of Dark Age
Jim Crean Of Appice
Jack Starr & Ned Meloni From Burning Starr
Mike Walz Of Dementia
Dan Watson Of Hexx
Doro Pesch Of Doro
Axxl Of Stallion
Mark Briody Of Jag Panzer
Max Cavalera Of Soulfly
Ron Cooke Of Thrust
Vince Santonastaso Of Symetria
Mark Gus Scott Of Trixter
Roger 'Douchebag' Decarlo Of Cruella
Andreas Johansson Of Air Raid
Dani Filth From Cradle Of Filth
Rich Ward Of Fozzy
Bob Kulick
Eric Wagner Of The Skull/Blackfinger
Brian Blake Of Genghis Khan
Brian Tarquin From Band Of Brothers
Brad Sinsel Of TKO
Joe Sims & Geoff McGraw Of Axemaster
Jeff Jones Of St Elmos Fire
Mark Ruffneck From Oz
Lou DiBello
Mike Matney Of White Boy & The Average Rat Band
Larry Lethal Of F.K.U
Mark Warner Of Rex Vector
Sabrina Kihlstrand Of Ice Age
Jacob Cade Of The Jacob Cade Project
Craig Thomas Of Preyer
Jett Black Of Salems Lott
Heidi Shepherd & Carla Harvey From Butcher Babies
Steffany Johnston Of Masqued
Greg Handevidt Of Kublai Khan
Madame Mayhem
Piet Sielck Of Iron Savior
Elina,Alex & Torso Of Leaves Eyes

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