Ray LeGrand Of Oblivion Myth
Mike,Bobby,Jon,Mike And Pat Of Attacker
Joe Comeau Of Liege Lord/DuskMachine
Neil Wilkinson Of Spartan Warrior
Eric Peterson Of Testament
Doro Pesch Of Doro
Danko Jones Of Danko Jones
Neil Murray Of Snakecharmer
Julian Mendez Of Heretic
Paul Speckmann Of Master
Zak Stevens Of Circle II Circle
Alex Gutierrez Of Mortillery
Vinny Stigma Of Agnostic Front
Gord Kirchin The Exalted Piledriver
Josh Christian Of Toxik
Lonny Paul Of Adler
Biff Byford And Doug Scarratt Of Saxon
Joe Cangelosi And Rich Day Of Brooklyn Militia
George Lynch Of Tooth And Nail
Jespar Binzer Of D-A-D
Udo Dirkschneider Of U.D.O
Jon Zazula From Megaforce
Steve Zetro Souza Of Hatriot
Tony Truglio,Dan Wacker,Frank Gilchriest & Joe Comeau Of Liege Lord
George Neal & Brian Thomas Of Halloween
Brian Ross Of Blitzkreig/Satan
Keith Spargo Of Silencer
George Call Of Aska
Steve Ramsey Of Satan
Tracey Lamb Of Rock Goddess
Ty Tammeus Of Artizan
Richie Wise Of Dust
Rachel Bolan Of Skid Row
Greg Hall Of Sacred Reich
Jeff Pilson Of Foriegner
Philly Byrne Of Gama Bomb
Ethan Brosh Of Angels Of Babylon
Chris Wyse Of The Cult
Pete Franklin Of Chariot
Gabriel Anthony Of Tyrants Reign
Phil Denton Of Midnight Messiah
Bob Petrosino Of Oblivion
Russ Dwarf Of Killer Dwarfs
Sandie,Sylvia & Ruth Garza Of Heather Leather
Tim Wilson Of Nitro
Magnus Karlsson Of Primal Fear
Algy Ward Of Tank
Gary Young Of Avenger
Jon Oliva Of Pain
Brian Korban Of Heretic
Frank Gilchriest Of Virgin Steele
Carmine Appice Of King Kobra
Evo Of Warfare
Anthony Cross Of Seven Witches
Craig Goldy Of Dio
John Hobbs Of Paradoxx
Mark Glabe And Lorraine Gill From Taist Of Iron
Paul Shortino Of Rough Cutt
Gary Pearson Of Vardis
Pat Travers Of The Pat Travers Band
Michael Koch Of Witch Cross
Michel 'Away' Langevin Of Voivod
Chris Bradley & Andy Dawson Of Savage
Frank Tosi Of Metaldox
Ray Alder Of Fates Warning
Shawn Van Wyhe Of Death Alley Motor Cult
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstien Of The Misfits
Steve Jasuilewicz Of Beyond Fallen
Ian Dick & Miles Goodman Of Soldier
Mike Davis & Sean Peck Of Death Dealer
Gene Hoglan Of Dark Angel
Jamies Labrie Of Dream Theater
Geoff Thorpe Of Vicious Rumors
Dave Felton Of Kriadiaz
Mat Sinner Of Sinner
Nick Menza Ex Megadeth
Bill Tsamis And Mark Zonder Of Warlord
Al Jourgensen Of Ministry
Larry Farkas And Geln Mancaruso Of Vengeance Rising
Lita Ford
Garry Pepperd Of Jaguar
Joe Comeau Of Duskmachine
Antton Lant Of Def Con One
Nige Rockett Of Onslaught
JR & Erick Of Neuronspoiler
Tony MacAlpine Of PSMS
Chuck Billy Of Testament
Michael Voss Of Mad Max/Wolfpakk
Craig Locicero Of Spiralarms
Dave Wyndorf Of Monster Magnet
Vinny Appice Of Kill Devil Hill
Fang From Lords Of The Trident
MIchael Kiske Of Unisonic
Veronica Freeman Of Benedictum
Joe Stump From Holyhell
Mille Petrozza From Kreator
Maxine Petrucci Of Madam X
Michael Ulery Of Sans Fear
Biff Byford Of Saxon
Kevin Montgomery Of Pseudocidal
Leather Leone Of Chastain
Maxxxwell Carlisle Of Hellion
Jon Schaffer Of Iced Earth
Prophet Of St. Madness
Derrick Brumley Of Conquest


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