Steve Kachinsky Of Steel Prophet
David Garcia Of Cage/Hellscream
Ray Bell & Bill Kelly Of Toxic Shock
Zakk Wylde Of Black Label Society
Joel Matioza Of Seventrain
Andy 'Pindy' Pindelski Of Armored Assault
Tom Hunting Of Exodus
Mark Boals From Ring Of Fire
Randy Black Of Primal Fear
Norman Skinner Of Skinner
Carl Canedy Of The Rods
Matt,Devlin,Fred,Roy & John Of Hursepower
Donny Hillier Of Trauma
Richie Stotts & TC Tolliver Of The Plasmatics
Xander Demos Of XDB
Mike Orlando Of Adrenaline Mob
Terry Butler Of Massacre
Steve Zetro Souza Of Hatriot
Igz Kincaid Of Hessler
Katon De Pena Of Hirax
Spike Audia Of Kraken
Tony 'Abaddon' Bray
Maurizio Iacono Of Kataklysm
Steve Gaines & Eric Bryan From Anger As Art
Greg Maniscalco Of Rychus Syn
Ricky Warwick Of Black Star Riders
Dan Watson Of Hexx
Marcus Siepen Of Blind Guardian/Sinbreed
Ronnie Atkins Of Pretty Maids
Rob Tidd Of Bashful Alley
Bob Mayo Of Wargasm
Brandon Baumann Of Diamond Lane
Michael Vescera Of Obsession
Eric Wagner Of The Skull
Danny Hynes,Jeff Summers,PJ Phillips & Ian Sweeting Of Weapon UK
Rudy Vercruysse Of Ostrogoth
Marc Storace Of Krokus
Rex Brown Of Kill Devil Hill
Jeff Waters Of Annihilator
Ray Bell Of Toxic Shock
James Rivera Of Helstar
Steve Blaze Of Lillian Axe
John Mortimer Of Holocaust
Sharlee D'Angelo Of Arch Enemy
George Neal & Tom Wassman Of Ichabod Krane
Rotten Rod Of Knightmare II
Gerard de Marigny Of Americade
Jim Lyttle Of Rogue Male
Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth Of Overkill
David Defeis Of Virgin Steele
Tony Foster Of Sparta
Gary Winslow Of August Redmoon
Rek Anthony Of Breaker
Steve Bardsley Of Black Rose
Jeff Mickelson Of Enticer/Undertaker
Jean-Pierre Fortin Of Deaf/Death Dealer
Mark Mari Of Sneak Attack
Jeff Baddley & Nick Mannion Of Troyen
Bruce Fleckenstein Of X-Caliber
Steve Irons From Circle Of Thorns/Cities
Dennis Dai & Ralph Senese Of Tortured Dog
Patrick Donofrio Of Savage Thrust
Stephen Pearcy Ex Ratt
Dan Fila Of Varga
John Garcia Of Vista Chino
Steve Tetro Of Armed Forces
Mark Briody Of Jag Panzer
Veronica Freeman Of Benedictum
Warrel Dane Of Sanctuary
Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger
Ron Cooke Of Thrust
Mats Karlsson & Anders Engberg Of 220 Volt
Harald Piller Of Saints Anger/Palace
Tom Englund Of Evergrey
Brett Blackout Of Vanlade
Wolf Hoffman Of Accept
Justin Zych Of Zephaniah
Chris Violence
Doro Pesch Of Doro
Bernie Torme
Titus Medina Of Crimson Reign
Dan Beehler Of Exciter
Joe Cangelosi Of Brooklyn Militia
Carl Canedy Of The Rods
Craig Setari From Sick Of It All
Dave Lombardo Of Philm
Brian Thomas & George Neal Of Halloween
Brian Llapitan Of NME
Kingsly King Fowley Of October 31
Tom Keifer Of Cinderella
Mark Mueller Of Oliver Magnum
Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker
Max Cavalera Of Cavalera Conspiracy
Greg Kalember Of Raven Bitch
Anthony Fabrizi Of I.N.C
Denis Barthe Of Aggression
Gary Young Of Avenger
Tom Hunting Of Exodus
Patrik Lecher Of Mortician
John Cruppe Of Fallen Angel
Neil Turbin Of DeathRiders
Mike Usifer Of Prime Evil
Bill Lindsey Of Impaler
Chris Ashlock Of Alstatia
Ariel Lee Of Wicked Sin

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