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Bruce Kulick Of Kiss/GFR
Jimmy Herrera Of Brutal Hand
Joe Lynn Turner Of Rainbow
Paul Shortino Of Rough Cutt/King Kobra
Toby Knapp Of Godless Rising
Cory Proctor Of Free Reign
Matt Leff From Machines Of Grace
Tiina Teal Of Detente
Steve Lips Kudlow Of Anvil
Joel Wood Of Forgotten Legacy
Lizzy Borden Of Lizzy Borden
Gonzo Sandoval Of Armored Saint
Andy Boulton Of Tokyo Blade
Ken hammer Of Pretty Maids
Nick Butera Of Great Awakening
James Kottak Of The Scorpions
Athena Kottak Of Kottak
Mickey,Fernie And Billy Of Jetboy
Mistress Tina Of Desdemon
Jon Mikl Thor Of Thor
Jimi Hazel,Rick Skattore and Spacey T Of A.N.M
Dibih Tiberius Of Tiberius Project
Tod Howarth Of Frehleys Comets
Gil Moore Of Triumph
Erik Hansen Of Fallen Angels
Ralf Scheepers Of Primal Fear
Matt Camacho Of Forbidden
Jayce Landberg
Bobby Messano Of Starz
Stephan Lill Of Vanden Plas
Herman Rarebell Of The Scorpions/Herman Ze German
Tony Harnell Of TNT/The Mercury Train
Steve,Bob,Sammy and Kenny Of Ruthless
Lexx,Adam,Stevie and Meric Of Luna Strega
Tracy G Of Dio/Tracy G Group
Aaron Zimpel and Thaen Rasmussen Of Anvil Chorus
Ray Cola Of Dept. C
Dave Bizzigotti Of Speed/Kill\Hate
Don Chaffin From Voices Of Extreme
Ron Keel Of Keel
Harry Hess Of First Signal
Greg May Of Tyrant
Gene Hoglan of Fear Factory
Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot
Craig Gruber Of Rainbow/Eden
TC Tolliver Of The Plasmatics
Joe Hasselvander Of Raven
Greg Hampton of The New Czars
Michael Kiske of Kiske/Somerville-Helloween
Rob Halford Of Judas Priest
Marc Storace Of Krokus
Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
Kristy Majors Of Pretty Boy Floyd
Pete Wells And Manny Cordova of Apathy
David DeFeis Of Virgin Steele
Amanda Somerville of Kiske/Somerville
David 'Rock' Feinstein of DRF/The Rods
Isabell Oversveen Of ISSA
Greg,Leo and Bob Of Addicted To Pain
Kyle Lethal Of Madman
Rat Skates Ex Overkill
Big Dad Ritch Of Texas Hippie Coalition
Geoff Tate Of Queensryche
Dave Lombardo Of Slayer
Jeff Scott Soto Of TSO/Rising Force