Patte Carlsson Of Fretless
Brian Tatler Of Diamond Head
Jeff Duncan Of DC4/Armored Saint
Nasty Ronnie Of Nasty Savage
Alex Zubair Of Nephelium
David John Norman Of Gaskin
Steve Blaze Of Lillian Axe
Jack Starr Of Burning Starr
Steve Grimmett Of Grim Reaper
Mike Scaccia Of Ministry/Rigor Mortis
Josh Musto Of Shitkill
Dave Hillis and Kirk Verhey Of Mace
Danny Hynes Of Weapon
Lee Lizzie Evans Of Hangfire
Vic Hix Of Shok Paris
Chris Bennett Of Widow
Gregg Livesay Of Livesay
Bob Mitchell Of Sleepy Hollow
Bryan Holland Of Reverence
Steve Michaels Of Death Mask
Jack Blades Of Night Ranger
Jeff Scott Soto Of TSO
Jeff 'Oly' Olsen Of Trouble/The Skull
Fernando Rebeiro Of Moonspell
Mike Sabatini And Bobby Leatherlungs Lucas Of Attacker
Allan Fryer Of Heaven
MemVon Stein Of Exumer
Tony Foresta Of Municipal Waste
Greg Hill Of Dammaj
Kim La Chance Of Malisha
Steve Brown Of Trixter
Steavie Peavy Of Deathsquad DemonGods
Steve Gaines From Anger As Art
Ronnie Atkins Of Pretty Maids
Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth Of Overkill
Kevin Wynn Of Tysondog
Rik Fox Of Steeler/Sin
Dan Spitz Of Red Lamb
Leather Leone And Sandy Sledge Of Sledgeleather
James Rivera Of Helstar
Leif Edling Of Candlemass
Rick,Marcel And Rop Of Martyr
Author Michael Toney 'Tales From The Stage,Vol I'
Matt Moliti Of Dark Empire
Pat Burns Of Deathrash
Rick Mythiasin Of Steel Prophet
Bridgette Oliver Of Siva Addiction
Metal Mike Chlasciak Of Halford
Bob 'BB' Ballinger Of Power Theory
Joe Hasselvander Of Raven/H.O.H
Mark Shelton Of Manilla Road
Byron Nemeth Of Sacred Heart
Rudy Sarzo Of Animetal USA
Todd Michael Hall Reverence & Burning Starr
Dan Cleary Of Striker
Robb Weir From Tygers Of Pan Tang
Mike Ucifer Of Prime Evil
Mike Orlando Of Adrenaline Mob
Glenn Rogers Of Heretic
Sal Italiano Of Anvil
Evan Seinfeld Of Attika 7
Brian Gamblin Of Titans Eve
Wolf Hoffman Of Accept
Kevin Goocher & Glenn Malicki Of Phantom X
Tom Gattis Of Tension/Ballistic
Steve Zetro Souza Of Dublin Death Patrol
Chris Boltendahl Of Grave Digger
Geof O' Keefe Of Bedemon
Cronos Of Venom
Danny Knight From Crown Of Earth
Simon Wright Of Ac/Dc,Dio
Joe Stump Of Holy Hell
Brian Forsythe Of Kix
The Banker,Falcon,Zero-G And Diabolic Dave Of Death Alley Motor Cult
Xander Demos
Kingsley King Fowley Of Deceased
James Rivera Of Helstar
Geoff Tate The Voice Of Queensryche
Scott Warren Of Dio Disciples
Kleber Mandrake And Jerry Watt Of Axehammer
Chris Gomerson GOTK
Page Townsley Of Vore
Bill Tsamis Of Warlord
Jeff Duncan Of Armored Saint
Wild Mick Brown Of Dokken
Markus Brinkmann Of Mob Rules
Gary Cobb Of Invader
Jeff Grove & Billy Giddings Of Alloy 20
Graham Oliver Of Oliver Dawson Saxon
Jammer Of Brute Forcz
Ronnie Stixx Of Project Terror
Ron Daniel Eriksen Of Viking