Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Vacation

The Heavy Metal Mayhem Show Is On Vaction This Week. We Will return May 10th With My Special Guest Bernie Torme And Head Over To Blog Talk Radio And Check Out Some Great Past Episodes With David Ellefson,Flotsam And Jetsam,Hallows Eve,Whiplash,Omen,Sentinel Beast,Without End,Exciter,The Rods,Hirax And Dozens More..

Hellen "Fantastic Dream" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

A Little Something Extra To Keep You Headbanging While I'm On Vacation This Week. Hellen A Great Japenese Metal Band And Their Demo From 1984. I Was Not Able To Get This On Today's Show.

Hellen - Fantastic Dream

Hellen Fantastic Dreams Demo 1984:

1. Skycraper
2. Midnight Runner
3. In The Dream
4. So I Am
5. Morning Grow
6. End of the Night
7. Mother
8. Rain Night

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"In The Land Of The Rising Sun" 4/29/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

This Week The Metal Matinee Heads Over To The Land Of The Rising Sun. Japan. I Will Be Playing Some Of Their Hardest And Heaviest Band's Wednesday 4/29/09 On Blog Talk Radio's Heavy Metal Mayhem.

Listen Here

Friday, April 24, 2009

Possessed 1991 Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

This Weeks Demo-lition Segement Artist Was Supposed To Be Manowar But The Quality Of The Demo Was Too Poor To Play On Air....So Along With Their Demo, I Now Offer You Possessed And Their 1991 Demo. The Possessed Record "Beyond The Gates" Was Produced By This Weekends Guest Carl Canedy So Im Still keeping With The Carl Connection. Enjoy. This Two For One Special.

Possessed - Death Metal

Possessed 1991 Demo:

1-The Martyrs Wake
2-The Seventh Sign


Link Updated 1/9/13

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carl Cannedy & Rock Fienstein Of The Rods 4/26/09

Carl Canedy & Rock Fienstein Of The Rods are My Special Guest This Week. I'll Talk To Carl About The Rods,Thrasher And His "Side Job" Producer To Some Of Metals Best Bands Including Anthrax,Overkill,Exciter,TT Quick And Many More Plus Rocks Solo Recordings This Sunday 4/26/09 On Blog Talk Radio's Heavy Metal Mayhem.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Going Back Undercover" 4/22/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

I'm Going Back Under Cover This Wednesday! Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Cover Songs That Is. Digging Up Some Popular And Some Rarely Heard Cover Songs By Metals Best

This Wednesday 4/22/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

Friday, April 17, 2009

Warhammer "Abattoir Of Death" Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)


One Of The First Death Metal Bands To Come Out Of England. Big Things were Expected From This Band But That Dream Died On The Vine. The Band's Only Release Was This Demo. Before Breaking After A couple Of Years On The Scene. Former Members Went On To Play In Unseen Terror And Napalm Death.

Warhammer - Abattoir of Death
Warhammer-Abattoir Of Death Demo:

2.Blood on Satan's Claw
3.Satan's Angel
4.Carnal Lust
6.Abattoir of Death


Link Updated 12/16/13

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Katon De Pena Of Hirax 4/19/09

This Sunday Night Katon De Pena Of Hirax Is My Guest. Listen In As I feature Music By Some Of Katon's Bands From L.A Kaos,Phantasm, House Of Suffering As Well As Hirax. We Will Find What The Future Holds For One Of The Fore Fathers Of Thrash Metal. This Sunday 4/19/09 On Heavy Metal Mayhem

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tear Down The Walls 4/15/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

"Tear Down The Wall's" On The Wednesday Metal Matinee. Fearuring Bands Who Broke Down The Color Barrier In The World Of Heavy Metal. From Black Death To Living Color.
This Wednesday At 1:00pm EST

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter 2009!

I Want To Wish Everyone A Happy And Healthy Easter This Sunday. Heavy Metal Mayhem Will Be Off The Air For The Holiday. I Will Return With A New Episode On 4/15/09.
Below Is My Gift For Your Easter Basket.....Metallica's "No Life Till Leather" Demo.
I'll See Everyone Next Wednesday!

Metallica "No Life Till Leather" Demo(Demo-lition Segment)

The Most Famous Demo Ever Recorded....Metallica's No Life Till Leather Tape, Started The Underground Metal Scene Here In America. This Week Get A Copy Of It Right Here. This Demo Features Dave Mustaine On Guitar And Ron Mcgovney On Bass Even Through Cliff Burton Is Given Credit On The Tape. Enjoy This Bonus Demo-lition Tape To Go With Todays "Getting Thrashed In The Bay" Metal Matinee.

Metallica - No Life 'til Leather

Metallica-No Life Till Leather Demo:

1-Hit The Lights
2-The Mechanix
4-Seek And Destroy
5-Metal Militia
6-Jump In The Fire
7-Phantom Lord

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Getting Thrashed In The Bay" 4/8/09 On The Wednesday Metal Matinee

This Wednesday We Go To The Home Of Thrash Metal , For A Thrashing In The Bay. From Exodus To Testament And Much More. We Explore The Roots And Impact Of Thrash Metal, Through It's Music. A Scene That Thrives Today 25 Plus years After Thrashing It's Mighty Head. 4/8/09 At 1:00pm EST.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Annihilation "Laughing At The Sight Of Pain" & "Timeless Transition" Demo's(Demo-Lition Segment)

There Were Two Annihilations Out In The 80's ,This Annihilation Was A Thrash Band Out Of San Fransisco, CA. The Group Was Formed In 1981 And Released Four Demo Tapes Between 1985 And 1991, Before Breaking Up. Here Is Their First.

Annihilation - Laugh at the Sight of Pain

Laugh At The Sight Of Pain Demo 1985:

01 - iron cross
02 - wizards in black
03 - beneath the graves
04 - burning deep below


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

David Ellefson Of Megadeth/F5 4/5/09

My Special Guest This Week Is David Ellefson. David Is One Of Heavy Metal's Premiere Bass Player's. A Founding Member of Megadeth And In Recent Years F5, Iron Steel ,Avian, Killing Machine And Most Recently The Supergroup Hail ! Join Me This Sunday As We Sample All the Great Music By David And Talk With Him About the Future Of Metal.