Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

I Just Want To Thank Everyone Who Has Taken The Time
To Listen And Support The Show Over The Last Four Years.
Thank You Everyone.
A Happy And Healthy New Year!
From All At The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Nervous Breakdown" 1/3/13 On The Metal Matinee

It's A Heavy Metal Breakdown
On The First Metal Matinee Of 2013

The Dogz First Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

The Dogz
With Flotsam &Jetsam Getting Ready To Release A New Album
I Figured We Close Out 2012's Demo-Lition Segment
 With The Dogz And Their One And Only Demo Tape.
 It Was Recorded Right Before The Band Changed Their Name To F&J.

For This Weeks Show
Listen Here

dogz1 copy

The Dogz 1983 Demo:
1-Beast Withen
2-Dogz Of War
3-Fade To Black
4-Flotsam And Jetsam
5-On The Attack
6-Screamz In The NIght

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ron Daniel Eriksen Of Viking 12/30/12

This Week My Guest Is Ron Daniel Eriksen Of Viking
Sunday 12/30/12 At 6:00pm EST

T.N.T 8/17/84 Lamour,Brooklyn NY(M.M Bootleg Artist)

Here is a live bootleg I recorded of T.N.T
from Lamour in Brooklyn. This was the bands
first show in the United States and they sounded great.
Listen To
TNT 8/17/84 Lamour Brooklyn NY
3-Last Summers Evil
4-Ready To Leave
5-Deadly Metal
6-Thor With A Hammer
7-Break The Ice
8-Harley Davidson

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Look Back: The Best Of 2012 12/23/12

 The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show!
Looking Back On 2012 This Week.
Sunday 12/23/12 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Venom 2/9/84 Paris France Radio Broadcast(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

I'm Dreaming Of A 'Black Xmas'
And Venom Are The Perfect Gift.
Here Is A Radio Broadcast From
Paris France Circa 1984.
Not Sure If This Is The Whole Concert
From That Day Or Just The Radio Broadcast.
Show Ends With A 7 Minute Guitar /Noise Solo.
Venom 2/9/84 Paris France
1-Black Metal
2-Buried Alive
3-Dont Burn The Witch
4-In Nomine Satanas
5-Welcome To Hell
6-Stand Up And Be Counted


Sunday, December 16, 2012

"The Merry Metal Christmas Extravaganza V" 12/20/12 On The Metal Matinee

Pour Some Eggnog and Get Ready To Thrash
The Day Away With Santa On This Years
"Merry Metal X-mas Extravaganza"
Thursday 12/20/12 At 12:00pm EST

Dragonfly First Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

I Took This One From The Forum.
This Was Dragonfly's First Demo
Tape From 1980.
For This Weeks  Show
Dragonfly - Photo
Dragonfly First Demo:
1-High Talk

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ronnie Stixx Of Project Terror 12/16/12

This Week My Guest Is
Ronnie Stixx From Project Terror
Sunday 12/16/12 Starting At 6:00pm EST

Manowar 1/30/83 Paramount Theater(M.M Bootleg)


Here Is An Early Manowar Show
From The Paramount Theater.

Listen Here To
"Cowboys And Indians"
Manowar 1/30/83 Paramount Theater
3-Secrets Of Steel
5-Metal Daze
7-Gloves Of Metal
9-Williams Tale
11-Battle Hymns


Link Updated 12/30/13

Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Cowboys And Indians" On The Metal Matinee 12/13/12

The Wild Wild West On This Weeks Matinee
Thursday 12/13/12 At 12:00pm EST

Mesomorph 1984 Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

The Brother's Steel!
This Week Grab A Hold Of
Mesomorph's First Demo From 1984
For This Weeks Show
Mesomorph - Photo

Mesomorph 1984 Demo
1-Gonna Rock Your World
3-Black Fire Burning
4-Fast Living Wild Women

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show 12/9/12

The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show
Sunday 12/9/12 Starting At 6:00pm EST
Bobby Franklin Of Medieval Steel Never Called In.
So Two Hour's Of Molten Metal!!

Excel 9/13/85 Sportsman Lounge,CA(M.M. Bootleg Artist)

Excel Are The Featured Artist This Week
On The Metal Matinee. Here Is A Show
From The Sportsmans Lounge Circa 1985.
Listen Here For:
Excel 9/13/85 Sportsman Lounge,CA.
1/2-Split Imgae/Excel
6-Make Up Your Mind
9/10-The Enfocer/Conclusion
11-Set Yourself Apart

Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Survival Of The Fittest:1995" On The Metal Matinee

Rescheduled From October
It's 1995 And Classic Metal Is On Life Support.
Thursday 12/6/12 At 12:00pm EST

Aftershock 'Untimely Devastation' Demo(Demo-Lition Segment)

This Week, Wisconsin's Aftershock
Are Featured In The Demo-Lition Segemnt.
Here Is A Copy Of Their 'Untimely Devastation' Demo
For This Weeks Show
Aftershock - Untimely Devastation
Aftershock 'Untimely Devastation'  Demo
1-Realm of Insanity
2-Deadly Obsession
3-Cellar Door
4-Reach For Eternity